Social Business is the biggest thing to happen to enterprise software in many years. Jive brings the innovations of the social consumer web to the enterprise. You get the great social features and user experience you love in your favorite consumer apps – while at the same time meeting stringent IT requirements. Jive allows you to:

  • Use powerful tools and applications for sharing, collaboration and relationship building: blogs, activity streams, status updates, messaging, polling, profiles, and more.
  • Meet less, hold fewer conference calls, and even put an end to reply-all.
  • Rapidly find answers, people, expertise, conversations, and documents needed to make decisions and take action.
  • Harness the collective intelligence of your organization, partners, and customers for innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Leverage external customer communities to slash support costs, enhance marketing efforts, and crowdsource innovation.
Jive brings together the features of social networking, collaboration tools and community software to deliver the richest user experience for every type of Social Business network.



Est. 2008 | Aric Rindfleisch | Wisconsin School of Business | Banner Image by Bruce Fritz