Image representing IndieGoGo as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseCrowdsourcing is a effective way to get the visibility and funding needed to launch a great idea. Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo a crowdfunding social site, requires the entrepreneur to provide details on the project - I think this works best with a video as well as text based details and images. In the case of LuminAid, they have all three.

They had some additional help through other social channels. They had a friend who leveraged the blogger community and was successful in getting the product featured on the gadget blog, Gizmodo and several others.

The ran a promotional campaign on FaceBook, and have chosen to maintain a business page for the product. In the effort of sustainability of a social business effort, these two are students or recently graduated but are responding actively to commentors on the page. Their website is current with a regular blog for updates.

The also made use of email as an outreach campaign, but the information doesn't indicate if this was done to a purchased mailing list or contacts shared via Columbia University who holds the patent and licensees it back.

According to Open Forum interview

“From there, the word spread and we raised $10,000 in six days,” says Stork.
In the end, they have a wonderful and useful product that can truly make a difference in a disaster relief situation and beyond. Their product brief on Indiegogo was direct and to the point - it clearly outlined the problem and their solution. The choice of video and images were excellent and helped extend the impact.

Even though the campaign for funding is over, I want to buy some to help others. What do you think?

LuminAID: An Inflatable Solar Light -- IndieGoGo: LuminAID: Give Light, Get Light

About the Project

LuminAID Lab is proud to introduce the LuminAID light: a solar-rechargeable, inflatable lamp that packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern. Safe, sustainable, and portable, the LuminAID light provides up to six hours of LED light, ideal for disaster relief situations, recreational use outdoors, or in the home as an extra light source. Our mission: make light more affordable, sustainable, and available for everyone.

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