A few new pieces of legislation, PROTECT IP Act and SOPA, are currently being voted on in the House this week. Although these bills are meant to stop online piracy, they have the potential to seriously change the internet and stifle innovation. I don't want to push a political agenda on anyone so I recommend doing your own research. Here is one article that I found helpful and fairly unbiased.


  1. Mnoth said...

    Below is a link to a Wikipedia article detailing the history of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It contains both supporting and opposing arguments, as well as detailed information about potential ramifications if the bill is passed.


  2. Aric Rindfleisch said...

    Another example of how our laws need to catch up to our technology. Similar issues will be raised in a few short years in regards to the legality of 3D printing.  


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