This recent article from the WSJ suggests that amid worries that we are becoming less innovative, some companies, such as P&G, are rewarding employees for their mistakes or questionable risks.

After reviewing the latest and greatest presentations posted on social product development, I followed an interesting path that led to Aaron Roe Fulkerson (@roebot) and then on to a post on his Corporate Blog for MindTouch called "The Most Powerful Voices in Open Source" (2010).

I enjoy lists and this type of analysis to shorten my curve to finding the thought leaders in new areas of interest. The list is diverse in terms of global leaders. But is open source always just applied to tech and programming?

In past posts, we shared links and interview with Local Motors who is working in an environment of open source, crowdsourcing and cocreating in the automotive space. They are sharing designs, drawings and modifications. I am looking for more companies not in the tech space solely who are part of the Open Source or Open Innovation space.

Can we build a wiki to share? Does a list like this exist?

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