Is it Worth It?

Companies often must walk a thin line between great, new innovation and huge, expensive failure. This is a really interesting article from the Harvard Business Review that is a must read for anyone thinking of introducing a new product or idea. Read the article here:

This is an interesting article from this month's edition of Fast Company. Kerstin Hanson is a Business Innovation Manager for the Volvo Group in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a short article, but gives an example of how the love of innovation can lead to a great permanent job! Check out the article here:

A great find on interesting stories of products created through accidents or unique origins. A few of the stories we have discussed in class already, such as the microwave and post-it notes. But the article includes penicillin, the bra, teflon, and more. It provides a simple description of the item and the story behind its accidental or so conception. 

this is a really good video my marketing TA showed my discussion last semester. It is basically a series of astounding statistics about the population, globalization, technology improvements and links between them and more. It is about 5 minutes and worth watching, for interests sake. It never explicitly states what this all means, but leaves it ambiguous for the viewer to decide or engage in discourse.


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