Working Papers

These papers communicate ongoing new product development research by members of the Wisconsin School of Business community. The research described in these papers is preliminary and has not gone through an academic review process. The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Wisconsin School of Business.

2008 Papers

Customer Co-Creation: A Typology and Research Agenda
Authors: Aric Rindfleisch and Matthew S. O’Hern
[Summary | Full PDF]

Emerging New Product Development at Nokia Corporation
Author: Bjoernar Johansen
[Summary | Full PDF]

Flat World Knowledge
Author: Mariah Kottke
[Summary | Full PDF]

Improving Innovation at CPG Companies
Author: Jackie Aperi
[Summary | Full PDF]

Marketing Personalization 3.0 – ‘Co-creation’

Author: Adam Needles
[Summary | Link to Full Paper]



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