This is an interesting article about HP's failed attempts at developing a lasting WebOS mobile platform. Instead of scrapping the WebOS mobile platform, HP has decided to open-source its development. I think this could be a successful move for the company. Unable to develop an attractive, lucrative WebOS mobile platform on their own, open-sourcing the project may be just what the company needs.


  1. mbaran said...

    The article makes it seem that HP's move to open sourcing WebOS is just a nice way of covering up a giant mistake. It's very possible, but given all of the other successful open source projects out there, there's no reason why this couldn't work. All HP needs a passionate community, willing to contribute to software that they love.  

  2. Aric Rindfleisch said...

    I agree with Mike. This could be a very successful move for HP. It reminds me of Microsoft's recent realization that the success of Kinect will be maximized by opening it up rather than trying to close it off.  


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