Crowdsourced Tattoo Design! is a site with a concept similar to 99designs we heard about in class. Users describe their tattoo idea and enter a contest where 10 or more designers will compete to come up with the best idea. Like 99designs, you can give designers feedback and they can tweak their designs so you get exactly what you want! This goes to show that crowdsourcing can be used for just about anything we can imagine. This is an exceptionally creative use, and I'm interested to see where innovators take this concept in the future!


  1. Aric Rindfleisch said...

    An interesting application of crowdsourcing. It would be interesting to know how many of these designers are amateurs vs. professional tattoo artists.  

  2. Chuck said...

    Hi Aric, I am the founder of We currently have ~10,500 registered artists. We estimate about 60% are professionals currently working as a tattoo designer or in a shop. The other 40% are trying to get into the profession or graphic designers that enjoy tattoo designs. We believe this mix creates a nice range of design styles for our customers to choose from.  


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